Herbs, Massage, Nutrition - Live Well. Be Well.

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Herbs, Massage, Nutrition is a wellness practice that encompasses all modalities of it's name.  

We are conveniently located in Santa Clara, CA. 

Our Staff:
We have on staff  Massage Therapists, An Herbalist and Certified Nutritional Consultant and are partners with and amazing Chiropractic team in Los Gatos, CA and a Naturopathic Doctor in Brentwood, CA. 

Let our Massage Therapist melt away your pain points with a relaxing massage, while the aromatherapy organic lotions transcend you into a peaceful bliss.  Take a deep breath and let Aurora treat your body to full muscle relaxation. 

If you are looking to detox your body, searching for herbal treatments or would like a live blood analysis to assess the biological terrain of your body, see our Herbalist.  


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There's much more to come!